• Corinna, 30

    Corinna, 30

    Fitness Coach in Munich, Germany
  • Dave, 28

    Dave, 28

    Art Director in Boston, MA
  • Michael, 27

    Michael, 27

    Sport Student M.Sc. in Salzburg, Austria
  • How it works: Step 1 1. Measurement
  • How it works: Step 2 2. Production
  • How it works: Step 3 3. Delivery
  • 1. Measurement

    Your individual body measurements are required for your Personal Mattress: length & circumferences of your 7 body segments, your height and your weight.

  • 2. Production

    21 HR foam tubes will be automatically arranged, based on your unique body profile. This results into a perfect match between your body and your Personal Mattress. A couple bed consists of two Personal Mattress cores in one big mattress cover.

  • 3. Delivery

    We compress and pack your finished Personal Mattress in an ecofriendly cardboard box. We then ship your Personal Mattress for free directly to your door step in a desired time frame that suits your schedule!

The team behind Personal Mattress

Who we are

We combine disciplines from various backgrounds to create your own Personal Mattress that will provide you with your best night's sleep you ever had, seriously.

  • Christian


    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Philipp


    Co-Founder & COO

Why a Personal Mattress is the better choice


    Long lasting top notch materials and the possibility
    to exchange tubes during the entire product lifetime.


    Based on your individual figure, we
    custom build your Personal Mattress.


    The mite-proof cover of the Personal Mattress is mashine
    washable and all used materials are allergy friendly.


    A Personal Mattress for couples consists of 2 individually
    personalized main cores in one single mattress cover.


    The perfect fitting Personal Mattress allows your postural
    muscles to rest longer during your night-time deep sleep.


    If your body profile changes significantly, e.g. due to
    a pregnancy, we will send you new suitable tubes.